Locating Missing Persons

At NSW Private Investigations we are asked to locate a missing person for a number of reasons. If you are looking for a loved one or need to find a witness, we can help. We understand this can be an emotional time and so our staff are experienced at dealing with sensitive and private issues. We can locate someone with limited information for any number of reasons.

The staff at NSW Private Investigations have access to an enormous list of online databases that help us locate people for reasons such as missing loved ones, finding biological children/parents, debt collecting, and process serving. So if you are looking for a loved one, need to find a witness or simply wish to reunite with an old flame, at NSW Private Investigations, we can help.

Call 1300 792 283 and speak to one of our friendly staff and trust that everything will remain confidential.

Cost – $440 

Background Check

Are you looking for confirmation of an individual’s background or their assets? Do you need to confirm a person’s identity or look into their past. The team at NSW Private Investigations is experienced at searching through an enormous online database to uncover various records. This means all information provided is correct and current.

NSW Private Investigations is often asked to perform a background check on individuals to confirm claims from business partners, new love interests, employees, missing family members, or tenants who skip on rent. Our experienced investigators will find the truth discreetly.

We carry out background checks all around the world. At NSW Private Investigations there is nowhere for the truth to hide.

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