Local Council & Licensing Laws

There are lots of reasons why government authorities might need the help of private investigators and detectives, and NSW Private Investigations has worked on a wide variety of cases using skills acquired during our many years of experience.

One area of local council investigations that we have worked in is licensing laws, and this has included having undercover operations within illegal businesses. We can gain evidence of violations of the law, and help to get unsavoury places closed down as quickly as possible, ensuring the safety of local people.

Illegal Dumping

With many councils cutting back on their waste disposal budgets, another problem they can face is illegal rubbish dumping, and this not only makes an area look bad, but can also be hazardous. We can help local councils to get video evidence of people dumping their rubbish in public, and our professional, experienced team ensure that the evidence gained is suitable for use in court, making convictions much more likely. This service is a cost effective and efficient way to deter others from fly tipping, and helps to protect local green spaces.


Because politics can be difficult and complex within even small local councils, we offer many services to investigate individuals and their actions. If you need corruption investigations into certain employees or departments then we can help with discrete and thorough detective work to help put your mind at ease. This can prevent the loss of funds or other scandals which can effect your council’s reputation.

Local authorities are there to serve the people, and NSW Private Investigations have many years of experience helping them do just that. From helping to catch citizens who are violating the law, to ensuring that the council is being run in an ethical way; we offer years of experience and specialist services. Get in touch today for a confidential chat about your requirements.

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