Infidelity Matters

If you suspect your partner of cheating it can be a stressful and upsetting time, and that’s why it’s important to have someone who you can voice your suspicions to. Here at NSW Private Investigations we deal with all sorts of infidelity matters and cheating partners, whether you simply have a feeling, or have come across some sort of evidence on your own.

Using both the latest technology and our own investigative skills which have been developed over many years, we can carry out a discrete and careful investigation that can get you the answers that you are seeking.

There can be many signs that a spouse is cheating, and things that may arouse your suspicions could include:

  • Sudden changes in behaviour or appearance
  • Becoming distant or uncaring
  • Guarding their mobile phone or computers
  • Taking on new hobbies

Just one of these things on its own might not be enough for you to suspect infidelity, but when you notice a pattern of behaviour then it may be time to engage a private investigator to help you.  There are many different ways that we can investigate your partner without them ever having to know, and have dealt with lots of cases of cheaters with care and respect.

If you are worried that your spouse or partner are acting suspiciously, yet don’t want the drama of confronting them, then a private investigator can help you to get closure. There are many ways to confirm whether there’s something inappropriate going on, and by leaving it to the experts you can be sure that your partner never has to know about the investigation. Call today to find out about our skills and experience in this field.

These are a few of the signs to be on the lookout for:

Personal Appearance

A cheating spouse may all of a sudden take more interest in their appearance by either buying new clothes, working out at the gym, and maybe even start dieting.

Daily Behavior

Is your spouse now starting work earlier? Are they out to lunch for extended periods? Do they want to spend more time with their friends? These are all possible signs of a cheating spouse.

Emotionally Distant

A cheating spouse will often become emotionally distant, increasingly self-absorbed, less interested in their partner and the families daily needs. Often they will show no interest in improving their marriage or relationship and show less interest towards their partner.

Mobile Phone Clues

An unfaithful spouse may appear to hide their mobile phone more often or become more protective of it. They may delete SMS messages and can often answer calls and suggest to you that the caller dialed the wrong number.

Change In Attitude

Another sign of infidelity is change in your spouse’s attitude. 70% of people surveyed said their spouse became angry, critical and at times cruel, also coupled with verbal abuse, constant put downs and little to no patience.

Changes With Sex

Another common sign of a cheating spouse may be in the bedroom. The cheating spouse may be less interested in sex, become less intimate or request things sexually that were not normally requested previously.

Check The Vehicle

Check to see if their vehicle has an increased amount of km’s that are not coinciding with the distance from home to work. Is your spouse leaving a change of clothes in the car? Has the baby seat been moved? Once again these are signs of infidelity.


A cheating spouse may come home and head directly for the shower and change their clothes. You may even notice a different smell on their clothing.


An unfaithful partner may open a new email account, stay up late using the computer, create a new password and have a separate login. All signs your partner may be cheating.

New Hobbies

Cheaters will sometimes pick up a new hobby and appear to have a new zest for life outside the home while showing less energy for whatever is going on inside the home.

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