Factual Investigations

A factual investigation may be required by a businessperson, business organisation or individual for a number of reasons. Factual investigations are the gathering of written evidence and the recording of oral evidence to determine facts for the purpose of court action, with the evidence obtained to be determined by a judge, jury or both.

Our private investigators are highly trained and to ensure the best possible outcome of each investigation, our director acts as the investigation manager on every job. Our CAPI licensed investigators specialise in conducting fact-finding investigations into a number of areas, including:

  • common law matters,
  • workplace harassment and bullying,
  • income protection and life insurance,
  • public liability, recovery claims and worker’s compensation.

Insurance Fraud

Compulsory third party insurance claims are another area our investigators specialise in and we’ve conducted a number of vehicle accident investigations for our valued clients. Fraudulent third party insurance claims burden car owners with unnecessary costs, raise their insurance premiums and often make obtaining insurance policies difficult. By working with our investigators you’re empowered to get to the bottom of a fraudulent claim.

Marital Infidelity

Marital infidelity is a sensitive subject and our investigators with law enforcement and military backgrounds specialise in conducting investigations into marital infidelity with the utmost sensitivity. Evidence and testimonies are often required for presentation in court, and with a wealth of experience in tracking individuals to interview, we can assist with the written or oral testimonies required for an impending court hearing.

Workplace Harrassment

Workplace harassment and bullying costs Australian businesses billions of dollars annually and working with our experienced investigators under our director’s watchful eye can help you to safeguard the fiscal health of your business. Our investigators specialise in conducting witness interviews, so if you need our assistance with a workplace incident, Contact Us Today.

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