Corporate Investigations

The fact that suspicious activity takes place in most workplaces hasn’t gone unnoticed and is a prominent reason for the number of corporate investigations launched every day. NSW Private Investigations is perfectly suited to conduct an investigation on your behalf to obtain evidence about fraudulent worker’s compensation claims, workplace theft, harassment or the selling of counterfeit products branded with your business name.

Business Fraud

Business fraud and workplace theft in Australia is a serious issue and Australian Federal Police statistics show these crimes cost Australian business organisations $1.5 billion annually. Corporate fraud investigations conducted by our experienced private investigators with law enforcement and military backgrounds are your organisation’s best shot at uncovering business fraud and workplace theft in your business organisation.

Business fraud and workplace theft could be committed by any of your employees, from entry-level personnel to management and may be taking place right now. Most business organisations aren’t equipped or trained to conduct their own investigations, so work with our experienced corporate fraud investigators to identify criminal activity in your business organisation to reduce risk and minimise loss.

Workers Compensation Fraud

The cost of worker’s compensation fraud also exacts its toll on the health of Australian businesses. Whilst many work place accidents result in legitimate need for worker’s compensation, many don’t and accidents in your workplace could be cutting into your profits. By working with our experienced investigators your organisation can identify worker’s compensation fraud and set a powerful example to your employees.

Workplace Harrassment

Workplace harassment, including sexual harassment and workplace bullying, also takes its toll on Australian businesses and the financial cost to business is estimated at between $6 and $13 billion per year. To prevent your organisation suffering the cost of workplace harassment litigation, contact NSW Private Investigations at the first sign of workplace harassment and have our CAPI licensed investigators conduct an investigation.

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