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There are many reasons why you might need to conduct an investigation into someone’s background. NSW Private Investigations provides professional investigatory services including background checks for businesspeople, organisations and individuals who feel the need to find out more about their love interests, search for missing family members or assess the suitability of prospective tenants.


Investigations are often conducted into the backgrounds of business associates to substantiate their claims. These investigations are difficult to conduct on one’s own even with access to an extensive online database with global reach, so having our experienced, skilled investigation team conduct an investigation on your behalf provides peace of mind in addition to proving more cost-effective.


Hiring employees is costly enough when the candidate hired proves suitable and far more so when it’s realised they aren’t. By conducting an investigation into a candidate’s background you’re mitigating risk to a great extent and improving the quality of who your organisation hires. Our online background checks are a cost-effective means of ensuring the candidates your organisation hires are suitable choices.

Conducting investigations into candidates’ backgrounds is also important for maintaining your organisation’s good reputation and mitigating negligent hiring litigation. By conducting an investigation into prospective candidates’ backgrounds prior to employing them, your organisation can mitigate the likelihood of a public relations disaster or being held responsible for the conduct of employees who present a foreseeable risk of harm.


Individuals and families often have need of our investigatory services to locate missing family members who may or may not wish to be found. These investigations require a detailed investigation plan tailored to each individual situation and background checks in Australia are an integral aspect of the investigation process. Contact us today for cost-effective investigatory services that are as stress-free as possible for our important clients.

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